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Evolution Line (Titanium)
Product code: S-ME/TI/2H
MSRP ex. VAT: 7.690,00 €

Optional Parts
Product code: Downpipe Set w/o Cat (SS)
Product name: DP-ME/SS/2
MSRP excl. VAT: 1.590,00 €
Product code: Downpipe Set w Cat (SS)
Product name: DP-ME/SS/1
MSRP excl. VAT: 3.800,00 €
Product code: Akrapovič Sound Kit
Product name: P-HF841/2
MSRP excl. VAT: 121,46 €

The Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system for the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is Akrapovič’s first venture into the high-performance off-road market. It is constructed with high-grade durable
lightweight titanium to reduce weight, which is then sandblasted and coated for increased durability. This system is beautifully finished with specially-designed tailpipes exiting on either side of the vehicle, perfectly routed to fit within limited space. It delivers a unique sound for a sporty edge, specially programmed by the Akrapovič Sound Engineers, with a pair of exhaust valves behind the rear mufflers to provide optimal control of the exhaust tones while increasing power and torque levels. This system is ECE type approved. An optional Akrapovič Sound Kit is available to control the different sound settings. Optional downpipes are also offered to provide full exhaust-tuning capabilities.

maximum power kW 415.9 at 5500 rpm 419.3 at 5500 rpm + 8.2 at 4200 rpm
HP (m) 565.4 at 5500 rpm 570 at 5500 rpm + 11.2 at 4200 rpm
HP (i) 557.7 at 5500 rpm 562.2 at 5500 rpm + 11 at 4200 rpm
maximum torque Nm 781.3 at 2600 rpm 786.8 at 4200 rpm + 19.3 at 4100 rpm
lb-ft 576.3 at 2600 rpm 580.3 at 4200 rpm + 14.2 at 4100 rpm
weight kg 31 14.6 - 16.4
lb 68.3 32.2 - 36.2